Winkin, Blinkin and Nod

This is from the nursery rhyme Winkin and Blinkin and Nod.  I thought it was an apt description for the potential or real candidates Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Mitt Romney, although you could easily replace Romney with Rick Perry.:

Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod
Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod, one night had a presidential debate;
Sarah, Micky and Mittens they’re called, and they’re filled with political hate.
“Where are you going and what do you wish?” the moderator asked the three.
“We’ve come to vie for the oval office and rule the land of the free.
Sponsors with silver and gold have we,”
said Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod.The nation laughed and cringed as they pounded away on the dais with shoe.
And the teabags that cheered them all night long reveled in their vile stew.
Now the middle class are the spearing fish that live in the land of the free;
“Cast out this black president from his perch, of him so afraid are we!”
So cried the teabaggers to the fishermen three –
Winkin’, and Blinkin’, and Nod.

So all night long their barbs they threw to the stars in the media foam.
‘Til down from the skies came the wooden hammer to take the teabagger’s home.
Great promises made of how great it will be if one is elected President
But how will you keep the poor people buying when all their money is spent?
So I shall name you the candidates three –
Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod.

Now Winkin’ and Blinkin’ are two little eyes and Nod is a little head.
And the sponsors with gold and silver are corporations with hearts of lead.
So close your eyes while the candidates lie about the wonderful things that could be.
They promise that you shall see beautiful things “if only you vote for me,”
Where the dais rocked from the candidates three –
Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod.

© Julia F. Varnell-Sarjeant August 2011