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Not everything I write fits neatly into any specific category. Those writings go here.

Truth Under Fire

Again, I had a post I originally wanted to write, and was not able to do it. I continued reading and meditating, and this is the result. I have a number of friends who feel almost as though we are being bombed verbally. Dion Fortune and her group of adepts were  being bombed physically. While the...

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Nation in Crisis

Our nation is in crisis and we may not have a lot of time to save it. It isn't merely that the leadership is lacking in the qualities of humanity necessary for a nation this powerful and large, although that is certainly the case.  The Trump campaign and presidency have shown to us and to the...

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One Reason Why Equality Matters to Me

I would love to share with you what link Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige, John McLendon, Marlin Driscoll, and my dad share.  It is a fun story that I think you,  would love and I have not been able to share with anybody.  John McLendon My Dad was born in a very small hut in a very small town in...

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Exposing Boehner

Remember Major League?  Remember the scene where the woman who bought the team came in and told the team that they had been chosen because they were all losers?  Remember how the coach then made a poster of the owner, where she was dressed all in black and had a dialog balloon that said, "You guys...

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On meditation – Passive vs Active

Before I begin, I must stress in the strongest possible terms that I am no more an accomplished meditator than I am a doctor.  If I could do as well as I can talk, I could do much more with my life than I am doing.  I am not a "human complete," rather, I am a "human becoming." I began my study of...

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