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Welcome to my gedanken experiments. Gedanken experiment ( German: “thought experiment”) is a term used by German-born physicist Albert Einstein to describe his unique approach of using conceptual rather than actual experiments in creating the theory of relativity.  A thought experiment considers some hypothesis, theory or principle for the purpose of thinking through its consequences. It may or may not be possible to actually perform the experiment.  In other words, you think.

I like to do a lot of gedanken experiments.  One of my favorites is the Popocatepetl challenge.  Suppose you believe that the volcano is about to erupt.  millions of people are at risk.  But the eruption could occur in a day, a week, a month or a year.  At what point do you disrupt lives and evacuate.  Similarly, suppose there is evidence that Los Angeles is about to have a huge earthquake.  Do you tell the people and risk a dangerous mad exodus from the city?  At what point?  Long enough to get people out in an orderly fashion?  For how long?

My experiments take the form of poems, rants and lie debunking.  Please enjoy, and comment on the work.




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