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Sinister Writings (from the left)

Featherbed of Lies

Featherbed of Lies is a quotation from a Scott McKenzie song called “What’s the Difference? I look at what a difference it makes to learn, live by and comfort ones self with the featherbed of lies we are taught by our society from the time we are small. I look at issues that are not often discussed, or in a different perspective. I hope to show that by believing these lies, people are able to push their harmful agenda and sleep comfortably at night. They sleep well in the face of injustice, poverty and discrimination. By pulling these lies out, a feather at a time, I hope to make that featherbed too uncomfortable to sleep well.

“Romance” Novels

Today I will risk the daggers and arrows as I pluck out the feather from the featherbed of lies by looking at how this country demeans women in the way they look at romance. Several years ago, my family faced serious economic problems.  I thought that I could make some reasonable money writing...

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Where Is the Gold of Toulouse

In this episode, the feather I am removing from the featherbed of lies deals with the tax cuts for the rich.  Or, rather, how the rich seem to have this notion that the more they amass at the expense of their fellow citizens the more comfortable they will be and that their wealth will prevent...

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Who Pays the Freight?

The argument was made to me the other day, on the way in to work, that we need to cut taxes on the rich because the rich pay most of the taxes.  She argued that the rich are paying the freight for all of us.  Now, without going in to the fact that this was stated with no attribution other than our...

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Those People

Today I pull another feather out of the featherbed as I look at what it means when Conservatives talk about "Those People."  Whenever I get into a conversation with Conservatives about programs that help the indigent, I get responses that begin with the phrase "Those People."  Whatever the...

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