My Gedanken Experiments

Sinister Writings (from the left)

Free Verse

Free verse is non metrical, non rhyming lines that follow the natural rhythms of normal speech. There is no adherence to metrical plan or form. This is easily the most common form of poem in modern literature.


For words to do what they do best They cannot state the unexpressed If language gives the deepest thought Its greatest part remains untaught If dreams are spoken, not implied You can be sure the speaker lied Or he has been some gift denied For every human heart is wrought Through finding what no...

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Not about the babies

It’s not about the babies Although they are compelling With their tiny fingers And curling toes And soft cooing voices If it was about the babies They would care what happened Once they took that first breath Or at least past The doctor’s slap and that first cry If it was about the babies It would...

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Our House

They tore down our yellow frame house today The bulldozers and wreckers came And ground their tires where we wanted lilacs. We never lived there. As we sat, side by side, We watched the walls shatter and reveal The anatomy of the shelter We had planned to share The bedroom - we placed it right But...

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Mother Earth

Ah, mother Earth I see you in your youth so like me Passion burning, hot, now spewing as ash Spraying skyward, landing randomly, Now slowly flowing as lava burning forests Baking rock, shaking and trembling, now quaking Creating, forming, thrusting, squeezing The ranges, the valleys, formed in...

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I’m Writing Again Farewell

I'm writing again farewell. I've written it before, each word Burning like your cigarette in the tray The hours we sat; the syllables tinkle As ice in a glass as it melts And is swallowed Into dark nights leaning on the rail, Staring at the water slipping under the bridge. The commas breathe, as...

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Poem To the Blessed Mother

Poem to the Blessed Mother The Blessed Mother walks the streets of the inner city Spirit now, her body lacks substance She moves invisibly, soundlessly Unlike the caterwauling of the drunks leaving the bar Shouting; screeching of tires And the occasional siren The Blessed Mother sees a barred...

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Winkin, Blinkin and Nod

This is from the nursery rhyme Winkin and Blinkin and Nod.  I thought it was an apt description for the potential or real candidates Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Mitt Romney, although you could easily replace Romney with Rick Perry.: Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod, one...

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